We’re a luxury clothing brand for women who like to live a full life, while looking and feeling fantastic.

Created in Cheshire by Sally Jones, Silver Pink specialises in knitwear, shirts and accessories of the finest quality.

"In my life, I have worn many hats - wife, mother, friend, colleague, and like many people have also found my place in various roles along the years."

Sally’s Story

How did Silver Pink start?

My journey started about 8 years ago, travelling the country selling interiors with a friend of mine, visiting beautiful country houses and meeting new people. 
Then 1 cardigan changed the game. 

Looking back, I’m not sure how the leap occurred. But visiting India, experiencing the vibrant colours & textiles alone made me come alive - That this is the direction that’s meant to be. I never second-guessed it and threw myself into this business, making Silver Pink more than just 1 cardigan, and more than just a cashmere knitwear company. 

What is your inspiration behind the brand? 

Throughout my life, I’ve been inspired by many people, and Silver Pink has become a product of this inspiration. I’ve been surrounded by strong women, women who wear their clothing like beautiful armour but with an innate sense of style to match. My mother and grandmothers always had an elegance that came easy to them. Something I have admired and sought to achieve and found over the years I’m not the only one. 

One of my biggest inspirations has also been my customers - listening to their wants, needs, desires. And, everyone that has supported Silver Pink over the years has helped it get to where it is today. To me, it’s always been about contact with my customer and how I can make their experience with my company fun and enjoyable.

And so, Silver Pink takes inspiration from the people and places that I have been. 

It’s been about creating a capsule collection made of amazing colours that work together. 

A piece of clothing, that doesn’t just work with 1 outfit but can fit in your wardrobe as the most versatile piece. And a company that helps my customers achieve this effortless elegance. 

 How have you seen the company grow?

My company has grown from a cashmere cardigan, to a range of jumpers, cardigans & tunics, and to introducing stunning new shirt dresses, which you can wear at least 4 different ways! I’ve even entered into the social foray and started videos to show you how to wear these versatile pieces. You can check them out here.


If you could describe Silver Pink in 1 paragraph … 

We all have that favourite piece in our wardrobe. Something that you can chuck on and feel great, feel empowered, can boost your mood, and help your confidence shine. And this is something that I’ve wanted to achieve with my own collection. I want a woman to wear a piece of Silver Pink clothing and feel amazing. Help them achieve this Effortless Elegance I’ve often admired in people. 


What is next for Silver Pink?

Moving forward, I’m looking at developing easier to wear leisure outfits - those classic pieces with that SP twist. 


"Silver Pink is like another child of mine. A child that grows, tests me, teaches me, something that has flourished with time, but above all something that I’m immensely proud of. And for everyone that has been on this journey with me so far, I thank you.’"