Wreath Making With Mimi

Silver Pink's customer Mimi shows us how to make her festive flower arrangement in our brand colours silver and pink.
You can easily make these delightful wreaths by collecting foliage, herbs, berries and anything you like the look of on your dog walks or from the garden. Choose to hang the wreath on your door or use as a centre piece.
What You Will Need 
  • An 8'' Oasis Foam Ring
  • Scissors
  • Sharp Knife
  • String covered wire
  • Leaf Shine 
  • Silver Glitter Spray - optional
  • Foliage of choice - ivy, rosemary, bay leaves, pine spruce
  • Flowers of choice - white roses, pink hypericum berries, pine cones


  1. Overnight soak the foam ring in water foam side down
  2. Remove the sharp edges of the foam ring by cutting around the middle and on the outer edge to make a flat edge 
  3. Poke the ivy foliage into the wreath at an angle making sure there are no gaps
  4. Take the pine spruce and create a second layer of the wreath to add volume 
  5. Interlace the bay leaves, rosemary and remaining ivy into the gaps around the ring which offers a lovely fragrance
  6. Spray with leaf shine and glitter 
  7. Finish with the flowers , berries & pine cones
  8. Loop around your string to hang on the door, or add a middle candle for a centrepiece 
  9. Make sure to spray once a week with water to keep the wreath fresh

Happy Wreath Making !