Q&A With Silver Pink Founder Sally Jones

Q&A With Silver Pink Founder Sally Jones 🌷

Sally answers your questions & shares her top picks of the season as well as 10% off the white jersey shirt using code shirt10 for you to enjoy!

Sally Please Introduce Yourself ''My name is Sally Jones . I am from Hampshire originally but have lived and worked in Cheshire for the past 35years. I have 3 children who have all grown up now tow live abroad and one thankfully still lives and works locally. I started my working life as a Radiographer in London in the early 1980s at the Middlesex Hospital. My journey into Silver Pink has been a long and interesting road which post radiography started by running events locally then branching out with a friend at selling at the same events. Combining my passion for events and a flair for fashion, my company has now grown into Silver Pink Ltd where I design and manufacture my own label clothing and soon hope to branch out into homeware.''

When did you found Silver Pink? ''Silver Pink started in its current form about 6 years ago. Prior to that I was in business with a friend selling interiors at events across the country.''  

What was the reason for you starting the brand? ''When I was in partnership with my friend about 10 years ago we could see the market changing from interior shopping for your home to more personal shopping for yourselves. I owned a simple cardigan which everyone loved and we decided to try and design our own cardigan and make the move towards clothing. Since then, my partner decided to focus on her great love of interiors building her own successful business, and myself on fashion starting with the well-known Long Trim Cardigan, still one of our biggest sellers.''

What is your inspiration behind the current collection? ''The current collection came about after visiting my sister in law Kate who lives in London and is a photographic artist. She had previously designed fabric for interiors but one print she had on her wall instantly caught my eye , and made me ask her if I could utilise the print for a scarf. The print in question was the Tibetan scarf . From there I began looking at more of her prints and realised that some were just so unique they would make an amazing transition onto fabric for a collection of print shirts. It was one of those light bulb moments! Since then we have collaborated over many of the prints you see in my collection.'' 

What is your inspiration behind the new collection? ''This year I really wanted to introduce a dress into the collection as like many people I have fallen in love with the versatility of a simple dress with a cardigan or jumper thrown over the top . The new dress was inspired by Summer and the colours that remind me of the season. I love thought of combining your favourite colours with unique prints and patterns. This thought process gave birth to the new print dress. From the dress grew a shirt in the same print and then the cotton knit jumpers soon followed, a perfect style combination for summer with colour at its centrepiece.''

Which is your favourite piece you have ever designed? ''That is a hard one as every collection I tend to love just one piece and wear it to death then move on! Probably the long trim cardigan partly because I have such fond memories of drawing it with my then partner after a long (rather boozy) pub lunch laughing and giggling and generally enjoying life. It has become one of my best sellers and reminds me of good friends and happy times.'' 

Which are your favourite pieces from the collection? ''I would say my personal favourite right now are the wool cardigans with the stripe down the side , I have lived in mine! but of the new collections definitely the new chunky knit cottons! I love the weight and love how they feel when you wear them warm and cool at the same time heavy but light its remarkable. I wanted classics but also some gentler colours hence the Navy and Ecru one the one side and then the pretty pastel pink and Baby blue on the other.'  

How do you like to style your favourite cardigan? ''The wool cardigans I like to keep as simple as possible so just one of my lace cotton T shirts under works perfectly or one of our must haves the jersey cotton shirt. ''

How do you like to style your favourite shirt? ''My favourite shirts (yes two!) have both been Kates designs . one is the blush shirt and the other has been dramatic leaves which I have worn more than any other shirt out for dinner with friends. I like to keep everything fairly plain and allow the shirts to do the talking. For the Blush shirt I would wear a vest top under during the day and a pair of jeans for casual ( white , black or blue they all work) and with Dramatic leaves I’ve worn this mainly during the evening with black trousers or a lovely pair of mulberry faux leather trousers I’ve got which I think I found in Zara a few years ago but you can see if you pick one of the colours out of the shirt it really pops!''

How do you like to style your favourite jumper? ''My fav jumper at the moment is the chunky knits which are due in mid June these i've just worn with a vest under and a pair of simples jeans they have been a go to during lockdown as they look smart yet still comfortable and stylish I cant let the standards drop too far!''

What can we expect in 2021 from Silver Pink? ''2021 is going to be the most interesting year for silver Pink as our intention is to keep doing some of the events as long as we are able but to grow the range we can offer to our customers online. Not only will we be introducing some gorgeous homeware pieces, we are also bringing through a menswear line.; this means the introduction of some mens knitwear ( which we will be bringing in at the end of this year along with some lovely new more casual items like our cashmere hoodies and maybe some easy to wear t-shirts to build up on a larger casual range. We will also still be doing some more classic pieces in merino wool as well. And of course more dresses and maybe a new skirt too. So keep watching us and please email me if you have anything you would love to see us produce !''