Our Top Jewellery Trends

Top Jewellery Trends 

' With lockdown round two and potential economic doom on the horizon, you might be thinking it’s time to put the fripperies of jewellery to one side. But for spring/summer 2021, designers have proven what all true lovers of jewellery know: its ability to lift your mood is undeniable, as is its power to make you look instantly dressed up – even if off camera, you are pairing it only with your pyjamas. ' - Vogue October Issue 

Jewellery trends move more slowly than those in fashion, and broadly speaking, the season so far has been a pared-back, low-key affair with the reprisal of several ongoing trends that Silver Pink have harnessed with their capsule collection.

Trend 1 : Gorgeous Gemstones

This trend is one for the history books, gems that lift any outfit such as theses gorgeous topaz earrings are on our Christmas hit list.

Trend 2  : Delicate Delights

Simplicity is key with the introduction of the sun pendant with matching earrings in gold or silver with gem stones to compliment the pieces. These are selling like hot cakes this season.

Trend 3 : The Fruits Of Our Labour

A mood lifter, the apple and pear pendants are truly one of a kind and even look good if you are working from home in your PJ's.

Trend 4 : At One With Nature 

Make a statement this festive season with the leaf pendant, will pair with any outfit and offer a beautiful aesthetic.