Our favourite ways to style a scarf

Sashay into Spring with the perfect accessory for an effortless and elegant look - the sophisticated, simple scarf. We know how much you love to mix up your Silver Pink outfits, so who better than the lovely Sally to share with you her favourite ways to style a scarf to create a host of different looks, all gorgeous of course!

Option One: The Pilot Way. 

Want to show off that gorgeous neckline or necklace, then this is the option for you. A truly timeless way to style your outfit and ideal for those days when you are often putting it on and off.

Simply place the scarf behind your neck and pull one end of the fabric around your neck until it is back on its side. 

Option Two: The Knot

Our personal favourite for those windswept days - this chic style will keep you looking fabulous whatever weather is heading your way!. Whether a walk in the park or shopping up a storm, this signature look means you will never lose your style. 

To achieve this style, simply fold the scarf in half and place it behind your neck. Next up, take one end of the scarf, pull it through the loop, taking the other one over it and then back through the loop.

Option Three: The Tie 

You simply can’t go wrong with The Tie!. Perfect for those in between days when the weather is really chilly in the morning and then hot in the middle of the day. This option allows you to either keep your neck warmly wrapped up tight or gently covered to let it breathe - the choice is completely yours. 

For this style, you will need to fold the scarf in half, place it behind your neck and loop both ends of the scarf. Then, adjust depending on how tight you want it.

So those were some of our favourite ways to style a scarf, we’d love to hear about yours and any other super, snuggly ways to rock that scarf? Share a photo with #MySilverPinkMoment or contact us to share your fashion tips with our gorgeous community.