Positive Lockdown Stories

We know everyone has been through a tough time over recent months so thought it would be nice to spread some positivity & a giveaway. Last week we launched a giveaway focused around positive lockdown stories.

We were overwhelmed with the positive responses which lifted our mood and really gave an insight to how people are coping and the positivity surrounding this strange and unusual time.

Thank You to all who entered, we were so touched and share with you just a few of the heart-warming stories.

‘’ I’ve had a lovely quiet time. No running taxis for teenage kids. No staying up late waiting for them to come home. Fabulous 😆’’ Ruth

'' My Positive lockdown experience is that i have look at my diet and exercise i became fascinated by nutrition and decided to undertake a course in nutrition and hopefully pass my diploma , also I have spent more time outdoors with my camera as my hobby is photography , i have attached a few snaps " Kim

‘’ As a special needs teaching assistant, I have worked throughout the whole pandemic. It is giving me a chance to work a lot closer with the children who are coming into school and really work towards their goals. It has made me appreciate my role even more. It has also made me massively appreciate my own children who have had their whole routine and the way things work change. As keyworker children they are also attending school but haven't moaned about it once.’’ Rosalind

‘’Being able to spend more time with my 8 year daughter than I’d previously been able to in the 7 years prior to lockdown’’ Hamish

‘’Spending quality time with family, walking 10,000 steps a day.’’ Jodie

''I have major worries with my daughter Emily who has special needs and it makes my anxieties higher too.So I bought her a Stand up Food Mixer and she has started making cakes. I help her make them. We make Cupcakes, cookies, coconut ice and we even made my hubby a Birthday Cake and a Birthday Cake for my son George too.'' Susan

‘’I am a carer for my Mum and it's usually me and Mum, we do know our neighbors to a degree but no way was Mum or I was expecting the knocks on the door ( and that kept coming ) to offer help. From supermarket workers- already under strain offering to bring back food, a cab driver next door offering to take us to any appointments etc, someone offering to get us toilet rolls ( we couldn't stop laughing, to meeting new neighbours during clapforcarers ( socially distanced of course! ) I feel more supported than ever before and didn't realise we had them all along xx ‘’ Krystal

Being able to spend more time with my husband and actually talking! Sandra

Learning to paint at the age 52 and having the pleasure of doing watercolour portraits of friends and family's beloved pets.Most rewarding. Linda