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Here at Silver Pink, we like to introduce brands and companies that we love. First up is a British company DogCo making gorgeous dog beds and dog bedding.

We talk to the founder of the brand Caroline Bate about how Dogco started and what the plans are for the future.

Hi Caroline, firstly, we love the brand and everything about it, especially as we have two office dogs Dug and Crumpet! First and foremost, how did DogCo start?

It all began back in 2008, walking through a field full of beautiful cowslips with Drum our choccie lab, and some clients with their two Pointers. I was nearing the completion of interior design works on their Cotswold home and all the dogs came bounding back to us full of glorious mud. We all just laughed as this was a normal day with our three and that took us onto talking about dog beds, the poor quality of what was available and how truly difficult it was to buy a dog bed that would last more than a few washes.

As a result of this conversation, I arranged for our upholsterer to make two dog beds with memory foam bases, removable covers and a spare set for laundry days as a thank you gift. And the seed was set. 

Six years later we opened Hugo & Otto, our beautiful high street boutique in Tarporley and website, bringing to England the finest curated multi award-winning dog products from USA and Germany followed by our own collections of British handmade luxury dog beds and bedding which are accredited by Made in Britain® the seal of excellence in British design, manufacture and sustainability.

Dog Company or, we call her DogCo for short, is the baby sister to Hugo & Otto, created as a result of listening to our clients who were looking for versatility, practicality and stunning looks but at a lower price point but still handmade in Britain.  And that is exactly what we have achieved for DogCo, launching in December 2020.   

Fantastic! What is your inspiration behind the brand?

A Celebration of Britain. Everything I have done, my suppliers, fabrics, labels, packaging and makers are British made, British supplied or by British family-owned companies from Ian Mankin to Prestigious Textiles. Our maker is one of England’s longest established dog bed manufacturers and we are collaborating on a project together for a multi–Queen’s Award bedding company. So our collections are inspired by what this country has on offer, it’s landscapes, people and eccentricities!

Beyond that, design, colour, texture and quality are everything that I know and understand but also travel. I feel travel very definitely broadens the mind and understanding different countries and cultures and it is a large part of the inner me, I worked with British Airways for 19 years prior to re-training in interior design and before that spent 5 years with P&O deep sea shipping falling in love, particularly with India in 1982. I promised to return to India and managed to do this for the big 50 with my young son, a moment in time that I will never forget is walking through the doors of the Oberoi Hotel in Agra with the Taj Mahal literally just beyond their garden and my breath literally was stolen by the most beautiful and breathtaking building that is beyond dreams, a building all about love. 

I draw inspiration from all of my experiences in life; travel, culture, architecture, people and, of course, the love of dog.

We love that and also dogs are the best!  How have you seen the company grow?

DogCo launched with 60 dog beds and six months later she has 10 beautiful collections and over 160 different beds, priced from £35, which is an amazing achievement. We are still in startup phase and so it just been me, my family and my business network, who have provided the all-important support in this period of growth and change.  As we are small, we can be really agile and respond to customer needs, experiment with seasonal trends, work with wonderful social influencers who know and understand the importance of quality and British made. The growth potential of the brand is exciting.

Wow, what progress! If you could describe DogCo in 1 paragraph…

Designers and makers of great British dog beds and bedding offering quality and style at great prices.

What are your favourite 3 products in the collection?

#1 The London Collection Snoozeworthy Dog Bed for its unique and beautiful styling.  What’s great with this collection is that there are eight sumptuous velvets to choose from so you can mix and match the colours to suit your own interior styling. They also offer super snoozeworthiness, with a scooped front for easy access and the option of a memory foam base for our elder states’ dogs.

#2 The Country and Equestrian Waterproof Car Boot Dog Bed.  They are bomb proof, practical, go anywhere, multi-purpose travel must-haves, with a detachable bumper protector and a handy carry bag, and a reversible base mattress which you can either hose down or machine wash.

#3 The Cabana Collection Cosy Den Dog Crate Set with beautiful crate covers, contrasting roll up blinds with natural wooden toggles, and cosy inner bumpers and cushions, which really turns boring old crates into a haven for your pawsome pal.

What is your brand ethos?

To be totally authentic, true to design, quality, comfort, and value for money.

How would you describe your typical customer?

They absolutely love and care about sharing their lives as a family with their dog. Many are busy families, others have a dog as a companion, some have a house full of happy dogs but the one thing they all have in common, is the love of dog.

Lastly, What is next for DogCo?

The Christmas Collection! Collection #11

Thank you so much for talking to us, what a great brand! If you like what you see, head over to Dogco's website or Instagram via the links below and use the discount code silverpink10 and receive 10% off. 



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